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Terra Fertilis

A unique, high-quality biochar

Made in France

Unlike many other plant-based charcoal products, Terra fertilis® only uses wood from sustainably managed forests in France.

The raw material’s source is certified every year, guaranteeing you a quality product that remains stable and uniform over time.

Coupled with our patented pyrolysis process with zero CO2 emissions, Terra fertilis® offers an environmentally friendly product. Our products provide great carbon sequestration and significant water retention!

With Terra fertilis® biochar, there is less need for watering and fertiliser, while still providing sustainable improvement to soil quality and naturally beautiful and robust vegetables!


Organic charcoal with > 90% dry matter
Surface area > 250m2/g
Regular grain sizing and adapted to each type of use
Wood from sustainably managed forests in France
Raw material sourcing certified every year
Quality product that remains stable and uniform over time
Suitable for use in organic farming
Fabrication française
Charbon végétal - 100% bois
Produit utilisable en agriculture biologique
The quality of the products and all of the performed tests have proven at the end of the evaluation that Terra fertilis® plant-based charcoal has the effective, yet harmless characteristics required for it to be one of the first French biochars to obtain marketing authorisation under the number AMM 6190898. 

R&D produced

Forestry in the forests planted
by the SLB Group in Brazil

Market gardening by
independent testing centres

Lawn care in the green spaces
of the parks in the Paris region

Wine grape growing
(Champagne, Cognac, etc.)

Remarkable results

increased yield (market gardening crops)
quicker germination
quicker, more uniform plant emergence
greater density (lawn grass)
less need for chemical fertilizer
less watering
carbon sequestration


Both natural and effective, it works at different levels to facilitate growth, improve yield and heighten the beauty of your vegetables.


With its high porosity, it:
Improves the water retention capacity of the soil
Improves rooting
Lightens heavy soils, enriches light soils


Through its large surface area, it:

Improves nutrient retention and limits washout
Balances the pH and increases the availability of nutrients to plants
Improves exchanges between the soil and the plant


Through its niche role for microorganisms, it stimulates the soil’s biological activity.


Long-term sequestration of charcoal in the soil:

for 100 g of plant-based charcoal, you can sequester up to 430 g of your CO2 emissions.
Suitable for use in organic farming.

The range

Two professional, high-quality plant-based charcoal products.
Best combined for better gardening!

Pure biochar

A range of special soil fertilisers:
100% composed of plant-based charcoal from pure wood varieties sourced from sustainably managed forests in France. It has a very high porosity, a high carbon content (>90%) and a high content of mineral elements essential to the solid development of plants. 

It improves soil quality and can absorb 2 to 3 times its weight in water and return it gradually to the plant. Suitable for use in organic farming.

Charbon végétal - 100% bois
Produit utilisable en agriculture biologique


Action brought to the soil: improves its quality and fertility over the long term
Very high water-retention properties
Reduces water and chemical fertiliser needs
Sequesters CO2
Approved by the ANSES

Mycorrhizal biochar

A range of special plant fertilisers:
composed of plant-based charcoal covered with a film of mycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrhiza is the symbiotic association of mycorrhizal fungi with the roots of a plant. These fungi can take water and nutrients from areas in the soil inaccessible to the roots. Existing naturally in the soil, the mycorrhizal fungi also foster the creation of subsurface exchange networks between plants.

This association helps to fully tap the nutritional potential of the fertile environment by encouraging root development so the plant can better absorb the soil’s nutrients. Suitable for use in organic farming.

Charbon végétal - 100% bois
Produit utilisable en agriculture biologique


Action brought to the plant: improved rooting, better nutrient absorption.
Better plant growth
Reduces water and chemical fertiliser needs
Sequesters CO2
Fleurs vertes et violettes

Terra fertilis®
means less watering,
less fertilizer
and more naturally
resistant plants!

The applications

Terra fertilis® , charbon végétal de haute qualité

It is recommended to activate Terra fertilis® prior to application (mix with a solid or liquid fertilizer, compost, etc.) or complement the application of Terra fertilis with a measure of fertilizer if the soil has not been fertilized in advance. To do this, water well after application.

The applied dose may vary depending on the physical and chemical properties of the soil, the type of cultivation, the modes of fertilization and irrigation, the climate, etc.

Terra fertilis® also produces plant-based charcoal with forest biomass for animal feed used to complement the diets of your livestock (sheep, cows, goats, pigs, horses and fowl).

Recommended for :

organic farming
green space care and management
wine grape growing
horticulture including flowers, grass lawns, fruits and vegetables (particularly red berries: blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, grapes, root vegetables, leeks, etc.)

The application methods are varied and adapted according to the intended type of crop:

band or in-furrow treatment
surface application
incorporation into soil through raking
surface work, blending with fertile soil or compost...